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Algorithms and Complexity Group
Institute for Computer Science
Goethe University Frankfurt
Robert-Mayer-Strasse 11-15
D-60325 Frankfurt am Main

Secretary Office:
Marta Soares
Institute for Computer Science
Room 116
Tel.: +49 (0) 69 798-28119


DFG Grant 31 Jan 2023

In a new three-year project Online Algorithms for Bayesian Persuasion funded by the German Research Foundation, we study algorithmic problems for signaling and persuasion. These problems arise among agents with asymmetric information in the context of many economic applications, e.g., product recommendations, consulting, and more. An algorithmic challenge we tackle in the project are online scenarios, in which information is revealed sequentially to the informed agent(s). The project is a cooperation with Rann Smorodinsky from the Technion.

Two Papers at AAMAS 2023 4 Jan 2023

Two papers of our group were accepted as full papers at the 22nd International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2023), the international top conference on multiagent systems:

ATHENE Grant on Decentralized Exchanges 29 Nov 2022

In a new four-year project Cryptography and Game Theory for Decentralized Exchanges funded within the ATHENE Center for Applied Cybersecurity, we study algorithmic and economic aspects of decentralized exchanges (DEXes). An intriguing innovation of DEXes is the automated market maker (AMM), a smart contract running on a blockchain that manages a pool of assets and executes trades using a carefully designed exchange mechanism. Our main goal is to understand and improve the algorithmic, economic, and security aspects of this technology. The project is a joint effort with Sebastian Faust from TU Darmstadt.

New Paper at AAAI 2023 20 Nov 2022

Our paper ''PAC Learning and Stabilizing Hedonic Games: Towards a Unifying Approach'' (by Simone Fioravanti, Michele Flammini, Bojana Kodric, Giovanna Varricchio) was accepted at the 37th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2023), one of the two international top conferences in artificial intelligence.

Dagstuhl Seminar 11 Nov 2023

Thanks to all the participants who made our Dagstuhl seminar on Computational Social Dynamics such an enjoyable and extremely productive event.

Invited Talk 29 Jul 2022

Martin Hoefer will give an invited talk at the 12th Days on Computational Game Theory on Sep 29/30, 2022 at University of Bremen.